2 beauty tools that truly helped to transform my skin…

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Skin is a topic that I am personally very passionate about. When I was 13 - 16 years old I suffered from horrific cystic hormonal acne. It covered my cheeks, chin and went down my neck. It was irritated, red and painful. It took a pretty big blow on my self esteem and I was ready to do just about anything to fix my skin, and I did. I ended up going on the hormonal birth control pill at 16 years old. Low and behold, within 3 months my acne had completely vanished. Now-a-days I wouldn’t recommend anyone go on the pill without knowing the crazy amount of side effects it can have in years to come, but let me tell you my 16 year old self was over joyed to have normal, clear and vibrant skin again. I remained on the pill until I was 20 and then started to feel nauseous and not myself. I wanted to make a change and made the decision to stop taking it. If you’ve struggled with hormonal acne in the past, there is always a little fear in the back of your mind that one day it’s going to return. This was the dialog that went through my mind when I went off the pill. Luckily, I didn’t experience an acne relapse. I still breakout occasionally and notice my skin flairs up when I eat particular foods that don’t sit well in my stomach, but apart from that, a face full of active pimples is thankfully a thing of the past.

My acne was bad and because of that, it left my face extremely red and with a lot of deep tissue scarring. I still have days where I feel wildly insecure about this and try to incorporate as many natural practices as possible to help reduce these issues.

Our skin is our largest external organ and it’s something we all need to be a little more mindful of when it comes to nourishing + nurturing it. Over the past year I have made the switch to all natural skincare — Wildflower Harvest Products. Given my history with acne and a lot of other factors, my best friend and I wanted to fill in the gap and create products to show women that clean beauty doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. Our products are filled with beautiful, whole, natural and gentle ingredients that serve your skin well and aid it in doing what it’s meant to do naturally.

I have a whole skincare routine blog post that I can link for you here.

Right now my skincare routine is looking pretty simple and I love it so much!

Firstly, I’ve been going in with our Geranium toner to help tone and purify my skin.

Once the toner has air dried on my skin, I use our Calendua oil -- my ultimate favourite skincare product of all time. Our oils can be used as cleansers, as serums or you can use it on cuts and abrasions too. This is one of the many reasons we love using natural products, because they can be so versatile. Right now I’m using the Calendula oil as a serum.

The third step is when I go in with our Rosehip moisturizer. I’ve stripped back my routine and only use this at night.

LINK: Wildflower Harvest.

Now that I have covered the products I use and how I use them let’s dive into the 2 beauty tools that have transformed my skin!

Girl, I promise you I have tested out each one of these products and wouldn’t be sharing the wonder with you if I didn’t believe they worked. I can attest they really have transformed my skin and they aren’t going to break the bank if you want to purchase them too!

NUMBER 1: The micro derma roller. This product has become my holy grail over these past few months and is an absolute must for my girls struggling to reduce redness and acne scarring. As I mentioned before, I suffered badly from both of those issues after my acne cleared up. My scars have left me feeling insecure at times and I have wanted to try microdermabrasion treatments since I was 18, but they can be extremely pricey. This is when I started doing more research into the derma roller. It is essentially a little roller filled with micro needles that stimulate skin and repair cells. This tool doesn’t hurt at all. Once I have applied my toner and calendula oil, I then go in with my derma roller and roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally across my skin and down my neck for around 10 minutes. I then apply my moisturizer once this micro derma at home facial is complete.

LINK: Micro derma roller.

Applying the calendula oil before hand also allows the rolling of the micro derma to penetrate into the skin easily. Win, win!

NUMBER 2: Gua Sha. I feel like this little skin tool is all the rage right now, and honestly I can see why. I use this every.single.day without fail and have noticed such a massive improvement with my skin. The Gua Sha is used to promote lymphatic drainage in the skin. (Think extra water retention and puffiness when you wake up in the morning).

It’s is also amazing for relieving tension in face muscles and it helps with blood circulation too. I use this tool after I have applied my serum or my moisturizer and it feels INCREDIBLE. The Gua Sha is traditionally used in East Asian and Chinese medicine. I always start in the middle of my face, work my way out to my hair line and I usually go past my jaw line, then down my neck.

LINK: Gua Sha,

I have noticed a significant reduction of redness and scarring since incorporating both of these beauty tools into my skincare regime. I personally experience a little bit of redness after I use my micro derma, which is to be expected because I am giving myself a little facial with micro needles. I feel like my skin looks brighter, more plump and smooth when I use these tools.

I personally purchased both of these tools off amazon with my own money and I can had on heart say it has been such a big investment for me. If you struggle with your skin, I HIGHLY recommend incorporating one or both of these beauty tools into your skincare routine.

I would love to know if you end up purchasing any of the products or if you are already using them, have you noticed a difference in your skin?

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