6 practices I do every single morning to set my day up for success.

As the cooler weather has really started to set in here in sweet little NE, I’m really craving coming inward. It’s like this innate feeling kicks in an I'm ready to take things s l o w. Over the summer I got into the habit of waking up at 5:00am and working out first thing in the morning. While I still believe this is a great way to start your day, it just doesn’t feel intuitive with the cold winter approaching. I have switched up my routine and have really taken the time to listen to my body and connect in a way that feels good for me.

Incorporating these 6 things in my morning make all the difference through out my day. My spirit, mind, emotions and physical body feel refreshed + rejuvenated. I truly believe our morning routine has a big impact on the rest of our day. It doesn’t mean you need to be go, go, go as soon as you wake up, I just know for me personally when I stay in bed and scroll on my phone, I feel sluggish and gross for the rest of the day.

I would love to take the time to walk you step by step of what my morning currently looks like and why I have been specific in choosing these 6 practices as the foundational pillars that truly set my days up for success.

O n e :


I am a lover of the Lord and will be until the day I die. Spending time with Jesus is my absolute non-negotiable when it comes to my morning. I love to take my mornings super slow and I like to allow myself plenty of time so I’m not rushing through my time with God.

I have really fallen in love with prayer journalling. I feel like I am able to articulate myself better through writing rather than speaking. I often feel quite insecure by how I speak and then fumble over words, stutter and don’t always make sense. I know God doesn’t judge that, but when I’m praying, everything just flows so freely and naturally when I do it through writing. Growing up I thought I needed to have the perfectly curated prayer saying father God every few words (thanks to the pentecostal church for that one) and make no mistakes. But that’s the opposite of what prayer is. Prayer is posturing your heart to God in such a deep and vulnerable way, a way only He can see and know the very depths of your soul and love you all the same. Prayer is sacred to me and it’s something that has strengthened my relationship with God like you wouldn’t believe. My prayer journal is filled with Thankfulness, confusion, anger, dreams, hopes, sadness, prayers for my Husband (I LOVE praying for Gideon), my family and my friends. It really is my heart spilled out on pages to God and it’s been beautiful to look back and see prayers answered (usually never how I thought they would be), to see God’s hand over my life and to see how he has been working on my heart.

If you often struggle to find the right words or overthink things when it comes to prayer, I highly encourage you to buy yourself a prayer journal and watch the beauty of your relationship with the Lord unravel into this incredible + indescribable masterpiece.

After I have payer journaled, I dive straight into my daily devotion (I'm currently reading one by Bob Goff called live in grace, walk in love) and bible reading. I have taken on the challenge to read the bible in a year. I don't know if I will get there, but so far I'm loving my plan and adore the things God is teaching me through His word.

T w o :


I have been tracking my cycle using a natural form of birth control for 2 years now. I do his by checking my temperature every single morning as soon as I wake up with a basal thermometer. Once I have checked my temp, I log the data into my app.

The rise in temperature in the middle of the month means I am ovulating and the drop means my period is coming. This is the natural eb and flow of how different hormones like estrogen and progesterone should be working synergistically through out the month to create a healthy + happy cycle.

I choose a natural form of birth control because I personally just love being in tune with my body and listening + feeling different signals it tells me through-out the month. I have been on the pill in the past, and while my experience wasn't completely horrific, I just didn’t feel like myself and I wanted to get my hormones balanced again without the added hormones from the pill.

I use the brand natural cycles and truly couldn’t recommend them enough. The app has so many cool features. You can log your mood, when you're ovulating, when you have pain, what your cervical mucus is like through-out the month and so much more. I'm really passionate about women becoming more aware of how our individual cycles + bodies work and natural cycles gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into understanding this.

I have a whole hormone health tab on my blog if you want to learn a little more about hormones and how to support yourself using holistic practices during your cycle.

You can use this link to get you 20% off your first subscription and a free basal thermometer. I pay $80.00 USD a year for my subscription to natural cycles. It's 100% worth it.

T h r e e :


I have recently found a new love for pilates!! It's a beautiful + gentle form of movement that makes me feel strong while still stretching out all my muscles. It can be as easy or as challenging as you make it. I usually opt for 20 minutes in the morning after my God time and before my breakfast! I am still fairly new to doing this, but I have found it to be an amazing way to wake my body up!

Okay, I know this is a vey controversial topic in the Christian world and I totally respect others opinions when it comes to yoga, but truly, it’s not as evil as every one believes it to be. I consider myself extremely discerning and I do take the time to listen to what the holy spirit is telling me, I feel Him so strongly and I am very aware of when something isn’t right. I don’t get those weird feelings when I am doing my morning yoga flow, and I honestly think yoga is what you make it. I’m moving my body in a gentle way, I’m stretching out my muscles, I’m challenging my flexibility and most of the time I’m actually doing Christian yoga that focusses heavily on God and the practices are based off bible verses. It really isn’t as woo-woo as you think it is and I have personally noticed such a massive difference since incorporating it into my morning. Having a form of gentle movement that helps strengthen + challenge my body in a whole new way is something I am truly grateful for. It has also been a game changer for my muscles when I’m lifting heavy weights at the gym.

Everyone has different convictions and yoga is personally not one of mine. I love to do vinyasa flows, power flows and sometimes I just take the time to really stretch out my body. It feels good, nourishing and intuitive for me.

One of my beautiful friends, Denika, who is also the founder of stand unshaken is an INCREDIBLE Christian yoga teacher. She has so many beautiful videos on her Youtube channel.

I will leave all her links here for you:

Denika’s Instagram

Unshaken Yoga YouTube

Stand Unshaken Website

I love to honor my body with whatever form of gentle movement feels best and will alternate between Pilates + yoga. It is also very dependent on where I'm at in my cycle. I generally do pilates in my follicular, ovulatory and the first part of my luteal phase and the switch to yoga in the second part of my luteal phase and menstrual phase. That isn't a concrete routine, it's just usually what feels good for my body.

F o u r :


Again, I totally understand the weird stigma around meditating and how it can come off as extremely woo-woo, but this is something I have recently started doing and I love it! Often I will sit in silence and try to focus on what God is trying teach me. Other times I try to take some time to just be still. I’m new to meditating and find that 5 minutes is good for me right now. I’m not perfect at it but I will say I have noticed a massive difference through out my day when I meditate vs. not meditating. I don’t know if it’s placebo, but I’m rolling with it.

F i v e :


Breakfast is hands down my most favourite meal of the day. I have been on such a wild journey with my relationship with food and overall body image recently. If you want to keep up to date or get filled in, I will link the blog post here.I also share a lot of on my instagram too so make sure you follow along over there. I will leave it linked for you here.

Does anyone else agree that breakfast food is just the best kind of food? There are so many great + versatile breakfast options you can create with delicious ingredients. The philosophy I have kind of adapted is to just eat real foods. I have made a conscious decision this year to consume grass fed meat and pasture raised eggs because it is better for my body, better for the animals and then environment. Whole foods are obviously the best option for us because they are fillllllled to brim with beautiful nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help fuel and sustain our bodies, but ya girl isn’t opposed to having Maple syrup on some buckwheat pancakes. You know what I’m saying? Life is about balance and having a healthy relationship with food has really changed the game for me.

If you know me, you know my fav breakfast of all time is a smoothie bowl topped with seeds, coconut, nuts anddddd nut butter. It’s just the BEST and always leaves me feeling amazing. Other breakfast options for me is an egg scramble with a bunch of veggies and occasionally some meat depending on how hungry I am. I love breakfast tacos, pancakes, chia pudding, buckwheat porridge, yoghurt bowls and bacon + eggs. I’m telling you the options are endless. I will say I try my best to have a good source of protein in the AM. I just find it to be a great way to start my day and keep my blood sugar levels stable.

S i x :


As you probably already know our skin is one of our largest organs and it’s so important we take the time to care and appreciate the fact that it is a protectant against virus’ + bacteria, a place that contains glands + thousands of cells and it helps to regulate our body temperature. The more I learn about the human body, the more awed I am by how incredible our Heavenly Father is. We truly are a work of art.

That being said lets jump into the benefits of dry brushing!

It stimulates the lymphatic system. A lot of bacteria enters into our body through our skin and sometimes we have such a gnarly build up of toxins that the skin physically cannot release the toxins. Dry brushing helps to remove those excess toxins, dead skin cells and unclog pores. This act can help reduce inflammation and reduce fluid retention.

How do you dry brush?

This little wonder practice takes 5 minutes out of your day. All you have to do is grab your brush and use an upward stroking motion toward your heart on each part of your body. Ensure you start at your feet and work your way up.

*Extra tips: Avoid synthetic bristles and dry brush when your body is dry!

Shop for good quality dry brushes:

Hand Dry Brush!

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There you have it, my loves, the full run down of the 6 rituals I do every single morning to help set my day up for success. As I said before, each of these things play a pivotal role in my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. I strive to live holistically and each of these practices integrate perfectly into my lifestyle. I try my very best to honour God with the life and the body He has so freely blessed me with. Taking the time to slow down, check in with yourself and become intuitive with what YOU need is so important.

As always I hope this post has inspired you. I would love to know a few little rituals you do every single day that help set your day up for success.

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Together, Let’s flourish, Lovely.