A Guide to Goal Setting.

Updated: May 7, 2020

2020 is fast approaching and with that comes a time for evaluating what you want to achieve over the year to come. I’m a 7W6 on the enneagram and my 6 wing comes out to play with scheduling, planning, lists and all the goal setting. We all work so differently, but my aim behind writing this post is to get you excited, inspired and ready to start this new DECADE (so crazy) with a bang!

That’s right girl, I’m going to give you the run down of how I set my yearly goals, what they are and how to actually achieve them!

I think we all know by now that I am a biiiiiiig dreamer. My imagination is constantly running wild with different ideas and creative possibilities that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. I do believe in setting short-term goals, long-term goals and lifetime goals but for this goal setting guide, I mainly want to focus on the year 2020.

When I set my goals I like to base them off 3 main points:


I like to categorise mine under 5 different headings and in those 5 headings might be a few subheadings. Eg:

Spiritual goals — This one is my number 1 priority every single year. Setting intentions around how I spend my time with God and how I can grow as a wife, friend, daughter and sister is extremely important to me.

Emotional goals — This looks like setting boundaries in different areas of my life in order to look after my emotional health this next year.

Mental goals — Mental health is SO important. I like to take the time to sit down, assess where I am at mentally and from there decipher what routines + practices need to be put in place for me as an individual.

Physical goals — This is a pretty obvious one. I like to set goals regarding my nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management.

Work goals — I am juggling so many different work related ventures right now – from my job at clean juice, my business – wildflower harvest, my blog and sneaky little passion projects. I’ve recently been offered an amazing opportunity to link arms with a bunch of empowering + inspiring women to write for an online “magazine” sharing my heart surrounding nutrition and all things holistic health + wellness. It’s important for me to set goals in each of these areas of my life. I am crazy passionate and want to devote adequate attention to all of them.


There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the year and realising you’ve completely fallen off the band wagon and achieved nothing you set out to do. This is why you need to set yourself super achievable goals so that at the end of the year you can tick all of them off.

E.G. Goal number 1: I want to be able to do 100 push ups by the end of 2020. If you are going to the gym every single day, this goal is super achievable. If you are someone who hates anything fitness related maybe start with 10 push ups and work your way up from there.


This is where setting monthly and weekly goals comes into play. You can’t expect to go from day 1 to day 365 without any hard work. Achieving goals takes determination and will power. Breaking your big goals down into smaller more attainable ones means you are going to be making slow but steady progress through out the whole year.

I have taken the time to make you a free printable PDF weekly planner so you can write + tick off those goals. I’ve also included different sections where you can write your favorite bible verse, quote or a little love letter to yourself andddddd an additional space dedicated to how your going to integrate self care practices into your weekly routine. Write it all out girl! Here is the link: Weekly Planner!

Now let’s jump into a few of my personal goals for 2020!


  1. Read the bible in a year

  2. Stay consistent with prayer

  3. Make my God time the number one priority – Everything else in my life flows from this

  4. Put Gideon’s needs above my own

  5. Embrace my role as a wife

  6. Be more intentional with my relationships – Face-time with family + friends, regular  tea dates, devotionals with friends etc.

  7. Get more involved in church


  1. Say no to things that are going to cause me extra stress

  2. Set healthy boundaries with people


  1. Have a Sabbath every single week – Rest is SO important

  2. Spend less time on my phone

  3. Start a meditation practice in the morning before work


  1. Look at exercise and eating as a form of nourishment towards my body

  2. Try a new form of working out

  3. Stick to whole foods

  4. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night


  1. Find a healthy + maintainable balance

  2. Grow as a leader – Being more intentional with others

  3. 2 blog posts a week

  4. Expand with more products in Wild Flower Harvest

  5. Grow my blog

  6. Challenge myself – Do more things outside of my comfort zone

  7. Learn more – Start studying online to gain more knowledge to help more people

This list definitely isn’t complete yet, there are other goals that I want to keep to myself, but this gives you a rough idea of what I like to do when I set my goals. It is so important for me to have an outline of where I’m heading and what I specifically want to achieve in the year.

Kicking off the start of this new decade feels really rejuvenating and I’m so excited to see how this next year unfolds and what God is going to do.

As always, I hope this post gave you a little it of inspiration around goal setting. I’d love to know what a few of your 2020 goals are, leave them in the comments below!

With love,


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