Healthy Travel Hacks.

Updated: May 7, 2020

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My wandering soul adores anything to do with traveling, experiencing new + beautiful places and immersing myself completely in the wonder God has created. Traveling is truly a blessing, it allows growth for new perspective and a small or large season of change.

Last weekend I took a road trip out to Illinois with my husband, sister, nephew and friend to watch the most precious couple tie the knot. Weddings get me giddy like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a sucker for all things love or the fact that I know first hand the sacred journey two people are about to embark on together.

Illinois is about a 7 hour drive from Nebraska. We decided to leave early the morning of the wedding + travel back that night and into early hours of the morning after the wedding. In hindsight it seemed like a great idea because we were able to save a bunch of money but sitting in a car for 14 hours in less than 24 hours is rough. It’s rough on your body, sleeping patterns and especially your digestion. All 3 things I make a conscious effort to prioritize in my daily routines.

With that said, I was inspired to make a blog post giving you some healthy travel hacks I like to incorporate when I’m flying or road tripping.


This is one I stand by but truly suck at sometimes. Hydration is a key element for a healthy functioning body. When you’re traveling, you naturally throw your body out of whack and as I stated above it can have a really negative effect on your digestion. Ensuring you are drinking enough water can really help things continue to move along in your body, it helps prevent blood clots and it maintains energy levels even when you are sitting still for long periods of time.

Healthy Snacks + Meals

Is it really a road trip if you don’t bring snacks?! I remember when I was younger, every year my family and I would travel up to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in QLD, Australia. My mum would make my sister and I travel packs full of things to occupy us and our favorite treats because it was about a 12 hour drive north. As much as I would love to eat my natural confectionary snake lollies on my travels, my body just struggles to digest foods like that now. So, I opts for snacks I know aren’t going to upset my tummy or cause me pain because honestly, having a stomach flare when you’re in the comfort of your home is bad, so I don’t want to imagine what it’s like in a confined space with no way out. I’ve really stripped my diet back to basics and I am absolutely loving the foods I’m eating but most of all, so does my belly!

On my trip to Illinois I took some yummy mixed berries — Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. These little beauties are full of antioxidants and never bloat me.

I’ve recently discovered the yummiest grain free granola bars by the brand Purely Elizabeth. They are filled with completely natural ingredients and are a higher calorie snack because of the amount of nuts in the bars which keeps me fuller for longer. My favorite flavour is chocolate sea salt!

Everyday I start my day with a green juice and I didn’t want to get out of routine just because I was traveling. Fresh Thyme makes freshly pressed juices daily. My go-to is called the green thyme juice and it contains – kale, spinach, cucumber, apple, parsley and lemon. I am definitely a more of a veggie juice girl rather than a fruit juice girl. I try to have as minimal sugar in my diet as possible and although fruits are filled with natural sugars, having too much leaves me feeling gross and gurgly. Having healthy snacking options also helps to stop the gnarly binge you might feel the urge to experience when you make stops along the way.

Meals – If you are flying I highly recommend you make every effort to check off your dietary requirements before boarding the plane. We live in a world where there are a wide range of options for intolerances that are catered to extremely well and knowing you have the option to be able to consume foods that keep your belly settled on a long haul flight is awesome. If you are road tripping I encourage you to opt for the healthiest option possible. I’m very aware that you can be limited with the places you stop at but more times than not you can be accommodated for. We stopped off at the worlds largest truck stop in Iowa on our way to the wedding and although fast food chains are everywhere, you can still make alterations to ensure you are receiving some nutritional value from your meal. Most foods have some form of dairy in them and that is something I absolutely can not consume anymore, so I asked for a salad without cheese and without dressing. It was filled with lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken and avocado. Never be scared to make the changes you need to in order to have a settled stomach while traveling.

Travel Sickness

I don’t understand why I am a 23 year old that still get travel sickness. It is honestly the biggest inconvenience but a few ways I like to try combat this is by taking steps prior to traveling. Ginger is the golden to ticket to a calm and happy belly for me. I eat it every single day but a little hack my husband shared with me is to take ginger tablets a few days leading up to your leaving date, throughout the duration of your travels and a few days after because he gets travel sickness too.


This one is obviously a given, I just wanted to include it because it makes such a massive difference. Wear comfy clothes!!!! There is nothing worse than already feeling trapped in a confined space while traveling and wearing uncomfortable clothes can make you feel more restricted than you already do. I’m all for flowy dresses, big shirts, over sized jumpers and light shorts!

Along with experiencing comfort from your clothing choices, I recommend you invest in a freaking good travel pillow when traveling long distances! This honestly makes all the difference and helps you to get some extra sleep which is important for your bodies function.


I’m a natural girl and immediately reach for non-toxic alternatives in every aspect of my life. Essential oils are amazing for EVERYTHING!

I like to take copaiba + balance for grounding of emotions and anxiety.

Peppermint because it is great for car sickness relief + head aches.

Lastly, on guard is a must. You encounter so many germs on your travels and it’s nice to have this wonder oil on hand to combat + kill those germs before they spread.

These are my top 5 healthy travel hacks I do each and every time I travel. They all make such a massive difference in my overall travel experience and I hope they can help you too. If you choose to incorporate any of the hacks listed above, be sure to let me know. I’d love to hear about your experience.

With love,


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