Meal Prep.

Updated: May 7, 2020

Meal prep – you either love it and thrive while doing it or you hate it. I kind of feel like I’m somewhere in between. Although I can see many incredible benefits of meal prepping if you have a full time job or if you’re at school, I currently have the luxury of being home most days to make my food fresh. At my current job I work the morning shift. This means I start at 6am and I’m home around 2pm or earlier. I like to intermittent fast most days but if I do get hungry at work I normally have beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, RX bars or I make myself a protein smoothie bowl.

I don’t prep full meals for my week but I do prep different ingredients for easy, quick and convenient access if I’m in a hurry or need to be somewhere.

For me this looks like:

  1. Baking bulk sweet potatoes every few days

  2. Cutting + washing my vegetables and fruits to store in containers in the fridge

  3. Making a raw treat or some bliss balls at the beginning of the week for when I am wanting a little snack

  4. Prepping + cooking my meat sources for lunches to last 2-3 days max

  5. Boiling eggs

Having nourishing + whole food choices in my fridge and pantry is a priority for me. This ensures I am fueling my body with foods that are going to give me energy and keep me satiated until my next meal. I do my best to keep our kitchen stocked with whole ingredients so we don’t reach and binge out on foods that aren’t so good for us.

Let’s run through some different food options we can have with the foods listed above!

s w e e t  p o t a t o e s

AKA one of my faaaavourite foods. They are a great source of complex carbohydrate and are rich in fiber, iron, calcium, selenium, vitamin B and C. Not to mention they are extremely versatile! As I mentioned above, I like to bulk bake sweet potatoes every few days. The initial cutting, prepping and seasoning takes around an hour but once it’s done they are ready for easy access! You can add them to salads, smoothies or even just have them as a snack! I love to experiment with different flavours when spicing my sweet potatoes. You can have them sweet or savoury! I always bake mine in coconut oil + salt but I often change up the third seasoning. Sometimes it’s rosemary for a nice savoury flavour, other times it might be paprika for some spice or it could be cinnamon to draw out the sweetness! Genuinely you can add anything to a sweet potato and it will taste amazing. I bake mine for around an hour to get them nice and crispy at 375 F (180 C).

f r u i t + v e g g i e s

Vegetables make up the majority of my meals. I try to sneak them into absolutely everything I cook and create… hellllllo cauliflower in my smoothie bowls! Something I love to do after I food shop is take about half an hour to wash + cut up my vegetables and fruits for the week. We’ve already covered sweet potato, so we will move onto greens! I LOVE greens, the darker the better. Greens are full of fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium! Gideon and I always buy kale, baby spinach, broccoli and brussle sprouts! I will take the time to rinse off any little bugs and extra grocery germs from my leafy greens and store them in containers for quick + easy access when I cook with them through the week. Veggies are so versatile. You can steam them, fry them, bake them and sautee them. We buy a big bag of frozen broccoli so no prep is required there. While I’m on the topic of frozen vegetables + fruits, it’s often waaaay more cost effective for you to buy them that way. Vegetables and fruit are often frozen right at their peak during a harvest, which means you are receiving the full spectrum of vitamins + minerals each piece of produce has to offer.

Gideon and I aren’t massive fruit eaters. It’s not that we don’t love fruit but we often reach for other foods filled with healthy fats instead. That being said, we will go through stages where green apples and a variety of berries are a must. We store our green apples in the fridge so they are cool + crispy. Gideon likes to have them with peanut butter and I’ll have mine with almond butter. With our berries I will wash them, cut them and store them in a big glass container in our fridge so they are ready to eat when we want. We add them to yoghurt bowls, pancakes or have them on their own.

r a w  t r e a t s

This is an absolute musssssst for me during the week. It always hits around 3 pm and I just need that little pick-me-up. Instead of binging on a block of dairy free chocolate, I prep my treats ahead of time. It’s usually a paleo bliss ball and I mix up the flavours + ingredients each week, a handful of nuts, an RX bar or some home made cookies. I love this part of my day because I’m allowing myself to have a little treat but not go overboard. 80/20 works super well for me and it allows me to get creative in the kitchen for what I want to prepare for the week ahead.

m e a t s

I am a meat eater. Meat is unfortunately quite demonized in today’s society. I understand everyone has different opinions but at the end of the day I’m honouring my body and fueling it how I want. I eat meat twice a day! I will often have a nourish bowl or rissoles with mixed greens + roasted sweet potato for lunch and a protein source (usually beef) with greens, eggs or a salad for dinner.

I love to prep some easy peasy pork or chicken rissoles for my lunch portion. I always make enough so they last me a few days. All I need to do is reheat and pair them with what I feel like eating on a particular day.

b o i l e d  e g g s

Eggs are incredibly underestimated in my opinion. They are a super food. Eggs are an amazing source of protein and fat. They contain selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and various minerals such as zinc, iron and copper – all extremely vital for our overall wellbeing.

I love to have a few hard boiled eggs prepped in my fridge ready to add to salads or to have as a snack. I keep mine in the fridge for 2-3 days max!

This is currently what I do for meal prep each week. I’ve been doing this for the past year and it has worked supppppper well for me. I hope it’s given you some ideas for different meals you can create and given you some simple meal prep tips! As always let me know if you incorporate any of the ideas listed above.

With love,


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