Protein pecan pumpkin pie cookie dough bites (Date-less + hormone friendly)

Hello beautiful souls! I feel like there are so many beautiful recipes for bliss balls and healthy treats, but so many of them have a base of dates. While I loveeeeee sweet treats, I wanted to be a little more intentional and give you guys an option that is going to keep your blood pressure stable, while also giving you nourishment and fulfillment while you are on your period.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of recipes on my blog and instagram that call for dates, but if you are trying to nourish and support your hormones, keeping sugar low is going to aid in that. 1 Date contains over 20 grams of sugar, and while it’s natural and still comes with fiber to keep it moving through your body, they can still give you that spike in your blood sugar levels.

The ingredients I have used in these cookie dough bites are going to leave you feeling satiated and fill your body with beautiful nutrients, minerals and protein.

i n g r e d i e n t s :

600 g of pecans

2 table spoons of pumpkin seeds

1 table spoon of flax seeds

1 tablespoon of hemp seeds

2 heaped table spoons of grass fed beef chocolate protein powder

1 tablespoon of cacao powder

1 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

A dash of pink himalayan salt

As you can see from these ingredients there is a nice balance of protein, fats and fiber. Let’s break down why I have used the ingredients I have and learn about some of their incredible benefits. You all know I believe that food is medicine and this recipe is no exception, if anything it highlights how we can be supporting our cycles by the different foods we consume.

P e c a n s

Pecans are such an amazing addition to any dessert because they taste INCREDIBLE, and they actually contain so many beautiful health benefits.

First things first, they are filled with healthy fats and fiber, this means your body is able to stay full and satiated for a long period of time, while having the added benefit of pecans moving through your digestive tract easily. They contain antioxidants which help to fight free radicals in the body AND reduce inflammation. They are also high in copper. Both antioxidants and copper are going to help decrease the bloat that comes along with your period.

Pecans contain thiamine which help with brain function, as does copper.

They are extremely high in manganese. Studies (1) have shown that taken alongside calcium, PMS symptoms can actually reduce and these minerals really help with cramps!

P u m p k i n & F l a x

I personally started incorporating seed cycling into my daily routines mid last year and noticed such a massive difference in my overall cycle, skin and mood since doing so. While there aren’t many studies to support seed cycling, it’s never a bad idea to incorporate more seeds into your diet.

On days 1 – 14 of my cycle (menstrual + follicular) I consume 1 tablespoon of flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. Each of these seeds support estrogen production because they contain lignans and zinc.

Flax Seeds – They are full of magnesium, iron, calcium, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids (amazing for hormone health), dietary fiber and most importantly lignans.

Pumpkin Seeds – They are high in zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, tryptophan (an amino acid that helps to promote sleep – a vital part of your health + wellbeing), omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and vitamin E.

H e m p

I LOOOOOVE hemp seeds. They are truly a super food in my option. They contain so many beautiful vitamins + minerals that help aid our body in a number of ways.

They reason I incorporated them in this recipe was for the additional plant protein, iron, magnesium and zinc. All of which, are AMAZING nourishment for your hormones.

P r o t e i n P o w d e r

Julian Bakery Protein. This is by far the best quality and most affordable protein powder I have found on the market to date. It is filled with wholesome ingredients and tastes phenomenal. I added this particular protein powder to this recipe because of the amount of protein you can get in 1 serving.

C a c a o P o w d e r

If you didn’t know already, magnesium is the miracle mineral when it comes to supporting our hormones and cacao powder is full of it. It helps to relieve period cramps AND it gives us that yummy dose of chocolate we all crave without all the added sugar causing inflammation.

I personally use Navitas organics cacao powder. Navitas cacao powder is made from unroasted, non-alkalized fair trade certified organic cacao beans. They cold press the cacao butter (oils) from cacao nibs and dry out the remains to make their cacao powder.

An 8oz bag of Navitas organic cacao powder is $9.99.

I’ll link their website for you here.

Now that I have covered all of the beautiful health benefits of these ingredients, let’s get into how you can make these cookie dough bites.

m e t h o d :

Before we begin, you will need a good quality high speed blender.

  1. Add 600g of pecans and 1/4 cup of water to high speed blender

  2. Start on low setting and increase to the highest setting for one minute (I used a vitamix and had to use a tamper to ensure all of my pecans were blending with the water)

  3. Blend for around 1 minute until a dough like consistency is formed

  4. Next add in all other ingredients and pulse until combined

  5. Once you reach desired consistency, roll into balls

  6. Place in the freezer to set

  7. ENJOY

I like to store mine in the freezer in an air tight container and always allow a little bit of time to defrost before consuming (It’s harder for our bodies to digest cold/ frozen foods when we are menstruating).

I truly hope you found this recipe post informative + helpful in regard to simple ways to support your cycle with beautiful, whole and nourishing foods! I hope it also inspires you to get in the kitchen to create some yummy cookie dough bites of your own. If you do try this recipe, be sure to tag me on instagram. I love to see your cooking creations.

Be sure to let me know what you thought of this recipe in the comments section below. I LOVE hearing your feedback. Make sure you subscribe for more recipes, wellness tips, sustainable hacks, and so much more.

Together, Let's flourish, lovely.

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