Why I think “detoxes” are BS.

Updated: May 7, 2020

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I have recently been studying a herbal course! In that, I am learning about herbs, botany and all things plant related but also about our body as a whole, nutrition and our bodies functions. The other day I was learning about detoxification and this subject honestly gets me so fired up. So, I want to take the time and break down why I believe “detoxes” are BS.

First and foremost, our Creator is freaking amazing and we have been designed so intricately by Him. The way our bodies cells, systems and organs work in perfect synergy to keep us alive each day is honestly mind blowing. God doesn’t miss a single thing, hence why He gave us all an organ that literally performs to detox excess anything from our bodies.

Our liver is considered one of the most hard working organs in the human body and is in constant communication with other digestive organs to bring optimal function to your body through regulating the level of available nutrients and recognising threats to convert so we are able to excrete them safely.

Other functions the liver performs are:

  1. Blood filtration. This includes breaking down blood cells, storing blood and ensure clotting is possible

  2. Production of bile

  3. Dissecting and converting nutrients in foods once they reach the digestive system. The liver helps metabolize proteins by changing amino acids so they can be used for energy, or used to make carbohydrates or fats

  4. Helping to spread nutrients throughout the body via the bloodstream and keeping the amount of nutrients in the blood supply at optimal levels

  5. Eliminating toxic waste that’s left behind once foods/substances are broken down

  6. Breaking down and removing excess hormones

  7. Storing certain vitamins and minerals for when they’re needed

  8. Managing the conversion of fats from your diet and manufacturing triglycerides and cholesterol

  9. Taking the carbohydrates you consume and turning them into glucose, a form of energy, to be stored for later use

Dot points above listed by Dr Josh Axe

  1. Most juice detoxing companies use a cold press method when juicing. Cold pressed juice in it’s absolute raw form only lasts a few days before the juice starts to spoil. While the lack of heat and oxygen in the cold press method proves positive because no nutrients are lost in the making of the product, the extraction of the fiber lost in the process is unbelievable. As humans we need a sufficient amount of fiber in order to make regular bowel movements. If you are drinking only cold pressed juice for 2-3 days you run the risk of messing with your digestion.

  2. Juices don’t by any means hold a healthy amount of nutrition that a human being needs to function properly through out the day. We are complex creatures and have been designed to consume an optimal amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates — In solid food form. Everyone is on their own journey with health + wellness and it can take some time to balance out and find what works best for you but nothing is going to benefit your body more than consuming whole foods that give you nourishment and fuel you for long periods of time.

  3. Weight loss. This point frustrates me to no end. When you read the promise that “You can lose X amount of weight in just a few days”… No crap, all you are putting in your body is liquid for 2-3 days, so of course you are going to lose weight. I hate to burst your bubble, it’s probably just water weight because losing a bunch of weight in such a short period of time is not sustainable in the long term and in the process of it you are depleting yourself of vital nutrients. Once you start consuming solid foods again after your detox, there’s every chance you will gain that weight back.

Our body does all the detoxing for us through our liver. Juice detoxes are unfortunately a marketing scheme that companies use to make more money by fooling people into thinking it’s going to optimize their health and change their life. When in reality all you are is hungry, grumpy and fatigued.

I think it is so important to go back to our roots and feel the natural rhythm of our bodies signs and signals. Think about the seasons. In winter we naturally crave heartier meals like casseroles, soups and slow cooked meals because we kind of go into our own form of hibernation. As we come into spring and summer we naturally crave lighter meals like more fruit, salads and smoothies because we are generally more active and feel satiated with cooler meals in warmer weather.

At the end of the day it’s important to find your own balance with food and nutrition. We are all created differently and this means our bodies thrive off different foods. I know not everyone that has done a juice cleanse has experienced negative results but I think it’s super important to inform people from a different perspective on the crazy amount of marketing schemes people get sucked into that don’t always benefit you in the way you are promised. Am I saying cold pressed juices are bad – NO! I still drink them occasionally but do they serve me well? From a nutrition point of view, they are certainly better than soft drink but as far as consuming a juice as a meal or 6 I’m not here for that.

I hope this post helped you gain a little more perspective on juice detoxes and why I don’t believe in them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine.

With love,


Please ensure you check with your health care professional before making any major lifestyle changes. This information is for education purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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