Wild Flower Harvest!


It feels so surreal writing a post like this. I am so thankful, overwhelmed, happy and excited to announce my best friend, Lulu and I are linking arms and starting a small business together. AHHH!

If you’ve been following my personal journey closely for a while you would have noticed a dramatic shift in this blog. It started out as a hobby and a way for me to express myself through words but over the past year it has changed into a faith-based health and wellness blog — something I am SO passionate about. I LOVE being able to share about my faith through holistic health, natural & ethical living.

When God places dreams on your heart He never, ever does things in halves. At the start of the year I was utterly and completely directionless as to how any of my dreams would even be able to come to fruition, but by His grace, He is slowly but surely allowing it all to happen, better than I could have ever imagined.

I took to instagram (How millennial is that) and asked out of curiosity one night if people would be interested in buying natural homemade products — the answer was a resounding YES. A few days later Lulu and I got together and started dreaming! We shared ideas back and forth and became giddy over the thought of starting a business together. We wanted our name to encompass our business but to also reflect us as individuals and with that, WILDFLOWER HARVEST was birthed. We are both lovers of the Lord and really want to take it back to our roots and honor the creation He’s blessed us with. We adore wildflowers and the joy they bring us. All of our products are going to be made from flowers, herbs and plants, we thought it was only fitting to incorporate some of the very ingredients we will be using in our products in the name of our business too.

We both want to cultivate a culture of clean beauty. We want to introduce and educate women in a world with quick fixes, convenience and over the counter cosmetics how plants/herbs/flowers can benefit and serve their bodies in a natural and gentle way. Our products will be sustainable, ethical and above reproach.

We are going to be selling home-made skin care, oils, balms, salves, body mists, natural perfumes, bath salts, oils for hormone + sleep support, lotions. etc. We have so many ideas and the production process of making these beautiful products for you to purchase is underway as I post this.

We are going to be selling our products by batches to start with. We pride ourselves on giving you the absolute best quality in your purchase. This means we aim to use organic ingredients to ensure you are putting minimal chemicals on your skin and we plan on sourcing our ingredients in the most natural way possible.

The way the ‘batch’ process works: We will be making a few batches of a specific product and from there we will be using a product release system. Once all the products have been purchased we will work on our next batch. If you miss out on a certain round you can leave your name and contact details with us and you will be first on the list for the next release.

This is what we have decided will work best to begin with. We may change our method in the future or stick with this depending on how we find it and how you find it!

We are big believers of having products tested before selling so here is a personal testimonial from me about two of the products that will be going out in our first release.

As most of you know, if you have been following my journey closely for the past few years, I have suffered with really bad hormonal acne and as a result of this, I am so invested in keeping my skin happy and healthy.

Before moving to America I posted about an update skin care regime that left my skin feeling amazing. I was using products from lush cosmetics Australia. Since being in America I found my skin having constant breakouts. Nothing wild but enough to make me feel a little insecure. I am convinced it’s from being in a completely different climate as well as lush America using different ingredients in their skin care products. As a result it had a super negative impact on my skin.

I am on a journey of living a low-toxic, holistic and natural lifestyle. This includes what I am putting in my body but also what I am using topically. When I started to breakout I really questioned what avenue I should take because my skin was obviously reacting badly and I didn’t want to continue using products that broke me out.

Side note: This is not me ripping on lush. I LOVE their products and their brand as whole. Their products honestly did wonders for my skin when I was in Australia. For what ever reason my skin has reacted negatively to new ingredients here in America.

I began my search to look for extremely natural skin care here in the States. During the time of my search, my incredible husband, Gideon, bought something kind of wild to my attention. He has amazing skin, it’s always clear and wonderful! He told me: “Babe, I wash my face with water everyday. That’s it.” This statement made me think… was I doing damage to my skin by over washing and causing severe irritation?

I made a hesitant decision after that conversation to give my skin a little ‘detox’. Without sounding completely dramatic, this was a HUGE step for me. If you have suffered from hormonal acne in the past, one of the greatest fears you experience when you make any changes in regard to your skin, is that your acne will come back.

Our skin is one of our largest organs — it has many layers of ectodermal tissue that help protect our muscles, bones and other internal organs. To me, looking after my skin is a priority. In the past I have been under the impression that cleansing, toning, moisturising, face masking and using different serums were a huge benefit to my skin. And while doing these things in moderation can be good, if you over do it, it can actually become a detriment. God made us SO intricately, even down to our bodies being able to regulate the correct level of bacteria for our skin health. You see, when you over wash your face, you are actually stripping it of the oils that help protect our skin.

My current skin care regime consists of washing my face with water followed by a few drops of homemade rosehip oil + a few drops of homemade calendula oil. Both of these are amazing for your skin and because I made them I know exactly what is going into the oil, as well as what is going on my skin.

There are definitely mixed opinions in regard to using oil on your skin and honestly, it’s going to come down to you and your own skin makeup and design. Everyone reacts to ingredients and products differently, so trial and error is unfortunately the only way to go about skin care. I use oils on my skin for a number of different reasons:

They act as an aid to your skin.

They don’t magically solve every problem but they do help your skin do what it’s meant to do naturally. Instead of striping my skin of good oils and bacteria through over cleansing, I am promoting regulation through protecting and strengthening the natural skin barrier.

They help keep my skin looking plump and hydrated.

Since moving to America my face hasn’t once become dry and I wholeheartedly attribute that to using oils daily.

Let’s get into a little more information on these incredible oils!!

Calendula is full of antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties which help fight off free radicals.

Side note: It is helps to combat eczema + dermatitis because it increases your blood flow. This stimulates your cells to grow new tissue, which then results in speedy healing of the skin (This is also how it helps with acne). I used to suffer from pretty bad dermatitis on my hands. Every time it flared up my doctor would prescribe me steroid cream to get rid of it. Steroids are not good. Period. They mask an issue that will continue to come back. I was SO fed up with my dermatitis and wanted to treat it naturally. I honestly tried so many different remedies. Nothing was working until my cousin, Jessie, introduced me to calendula cream. I applied it 3-5 times a day and within a few days it cleared. My dermatitis hasn’t been back since!

Rosehip is full of vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins are packed with antioxidants and most importantly essential fatty acids. The polyunsaturated fatty acids in rosehip convert to prostaglandins which are linked to the cellular membrane and skin tissue. Because of this structure, the conversion of the fatty acids play a really pivotal role in skin renewal.

I have been using these two oils on my face morning and night for months now and my skin feels incredible!

These are completely unedited photos of my skin after only using the rosehip and calendula oil morning and night. I have genuinely never felt so confident in my skin. I 100% believe these beautiful oils work. I still get breakouts around that time of the month and I do have acne scaring but overall I am extremely happy with these results.

If you are wanting to strip back your skin care routine to a more natural alternative, I highly recommend you try by doing a skin detox. This is going to allow your skin time to regenerate and build up the good bacteria + oils.

Lulu and I are working hard on getting products ready for you to purchase! Our heart is to show you how you can be using super natural products from God’s beautiful earth to benefit you on your health journey.

Unfortunately our business is only open to the US at this current stage. Our plan is to expand our brand worldwide eventually but these things take time. 

Keep an eye out for updates on our instagram page. This is where we will be sharing info on different products, taking orders and interacting! Follow it here: Wildflower harvest.co

We can’t wait to begin this fun, new and exciting journey! We hope and pray you love our products as much as we do. We are both jumping head first into creating our own business and while this just seems so wild, it’s SO possible and we couldn’t be more excited and ready for what’s to come. 

Psalm 1:3 – And he will be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season; Its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers [and comes to maturity].

Beth + Lulu xx

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